Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yeah Yeah

Psychoanalytic swirl again... existentialism keeps me grounded. Completely. Enjoy the vast implicity... I am off to work out.

But first, cinemagic featuring the fabulous Justin aka Hollywood.

I feel leavened with epiphany that will keep me focused and on the right path. The future is bright... grab the Blu-blockers. I need to remember to leave the trash at the curb. I seem to love sifting through it and remembering what I used to like about it before throwing it away. Ohh life... your lesson stick beats me so. xo.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Adambomb Amalgamation

Adambomb and Jennfabulous...

My brother Adam aka Adambomb has been making sweet, sugary beats since the days of dual tape-deck overdub. Oh that's right. We kids have played with music and weirdness since we were old enough to touch our parents' music equipment. I used to steal the camera and microphone and Adam would steal the guitars and time on the drums. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Anyway, not much has changed. Adam has been making music for my vids and music projects for a few years now. In addition he collaborates with a few hip-hop performers namely Plush Lush and FIfth Avenue in Sacramento (aka Rogue Scholars) as well as with various others including the Neighborhood Watch collective, Random Abiladeze, and more. He has made music commercially for different projects, and pretty much is a mega-prolific beat machine music master.

Here is my feeble homage to his contributions. In addition I am happy to present his latest remix of a song Snarky Puppy did. Good things, good times. Enjoy, and thanks for all the love and support from everyone.