Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Few Things They Don't Tell You

Oh life... you tricky bastard. Trucking along I have realized a few things... yes, a few. It's first of all profound how exponential the learning curve is on a day to day basis, as I was way more dumber just mere days ago. This being said, it blows my mind what life has frisbeed unto me since graduating. It is a whole lot of limbo time and epiphanies. Oh my.

Yes, the excitement of life seems sucked out faster than a patient of a coked out lipo doctor when you realize an art degree is nothing more than a fridge decoration for a fridge you can't even afford to fill. Don't worry though, before you can grasp the depths of your newfound poverty your student loans are sure to swoop in and knock you down so far even Tom Sizemore looks like a winner.

So I didn't go to my college graduation... I got an internship on a pilot TV show. I spent the day next to a bunch of sparkly Asian Elvises by some movie trailers and getting Jason Lee's breakfast. My cap and gown are still in the plastic in the back of my car. What does it all mean?

It means I still want to reach my dreams. The problem is my dreams won't die. I've tried, trust me. I have some sick passion in me to do something big. I thought my degree would satisfy it, but it's bigger than that. I realized the top of ladder leads to the bottom of the next. I have bigger plans. I just want to work a creative fulfilling job... is that so wrong??? There has to be some sensical reason that I fill all my free time with creative endeavors hence the stand up comedy, my weekly air time on The Sports Hangover, frequently editing and creating things, hanging with fellow comedy writers and actors, and writing. I breathe creativity, and have to do something with it. When I think about working behind a desk or filing papers for something with mind numbing redundancy I see suicide as being a more satisfying pastime. And, I would rather soar into a bejangled rake than work a commission only sales job selling stupid crap no one wants (i.e. knives, as I have been offered an interview for such a demoralizing job). I need more. Right now I wait tables. $46,000 degree, and I wait tables. Now if that isn't soul crushing I don't know what is. BUT, I still have a dream, yes Martin... me too.

It's something beyond me. If my determination and childlike wide-eyed optimism turn out to be simply years of me wasting my time and just mean I am a total idiot, then wow, that will suck, but... no, it will mostly just suck. I'm figuring it out, my credit score and I are still decent friends, and I am anything but lazy, so I just hope the fates don't put the smackdown on my tender veal-like hopes and that whatever I am doing leads to nothing less than glory. My Dad has always told me luck is defined as when opportunity meets preparation, and I am biding my time in extreme preparation mode. If I keep pursuing this and my life blows up in a flame failure, then I will happily move to the suburbs, work my 9-5, feed the cat, and shut my outspoken corn shaft into a defeated Stepford silence. Until then...


Oh, and p.s., I have a magic resume if any miracle worker finds this and feels an insatiable need to connect me into the workforce that is "career"...I am more than happy to send it with a smile that would shame even the best of clowns.

My WIST cameo this week in the last 15 minutes of this awesomecast:

And, my latest vid 'cause I always post 'em on here:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spider in The Shed

My beloved friend Nick Isom is one of the most talented people I know. He is not only a dear, sweet man, but also the blue wizard that deejayed our crazy Halloween party and a brilliant budding filmmaker. It brings me much joy to share the trailer from his gorgeous short film Spider in The Shed. Jazzed about its premiere coming soon. <3

Spider In The Shed Trailer from Nicholas Isom on Vimeo.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween 2009

I could beat myself up all day for the editing, but alas, here 'tis!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Musical Meltdown

Music is the integral thread in my sanity scarf. I hope I don't get ambitious and try to hang myself with it. Music and Existentialism keep me from lighting things on fire and dancing in the proverbial ashes. It's true. That being said, please enjoy some magic presented by the Dirty Projectors. Pretty sweet:
And one of my go-to favorites, the freaking aurally seraphic Mother Mother... I love it so much it hurts:

I am obliging an affinity for the self-inflicted, cyclical hermit-mode I float into once in a while. I blame the Fall and my burning the candle at all ends, taking the evaporated wax, condensing it, and Bunsen burner-ing with repeated compulsion, and then lighting the burner itself on fire. Oh yes. I'm in a down-time deficit, overdrawn, and in desperate need of a break. I know I am because I begin thinking too much. I start thinking about how people aren't thinking enough and how shallow mental depth and the satisfaction of such is debilitating to our entire being.

The world overwhelms me with how unstable it all is. It's weird being cognizant we are in a mental safety plane where shopping at Target is great and enjoying an all-American hot dog is beautiful. The dirty alter-perception speaks of how evil giant corporations really are--their insatiable pillage mission, and how hot dogs are a sick production from the inhumane treatment of the factory raised animal used to the freak plastic packaging. Nevermind the nutrition value. But, the right thing to do is buy the new tennis shoes and ask someone to pass the mustard. Man, I sound like such a hippie. There’s so much more to it all. However, questioning the fabric of the system just unravels your happiness in wayward ways. I feel if you can't stop a machine and it's not your fault it was created... may as well enjoy its functions when you're able. Hence, my pleasure in existential views and my ability to remain relatively optimistic despite all the superfluous debris life launches at me. Hence, my typically not being overwhelmed by the hypervigilant yielding madhouse the world really is. Enough of my mind warp. I could go on and on and on and on... and on. I close with the following goodness:

Maybe I just need sleep. xo.

Monday, October 5, 2009

September 2009 Happened

Man, this month was filled more than the cereal bowl of a greedy fat kid. That's right. I had my first stand up performance, I jammed out at some sweet social gatherings, and chilled with close friends. This video captures a lot of that plus Patrick Swayze is a featured guest in my video, so you know it's good. Man. Don't think I sit on the lap on leisure. Oh no. On the contrary I have been busied with the school shuffle hardcore, and I work every week. I will sleep one day when there's time. In the mean time I will keep surfing the manic wave with glee. Much love to all.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yeah Yeah

Psychoanalytic swirl again... existentialism keeps me grounded. Completely. Enjoy the vast implicity... I am off to work out.

But first, cinemagic featuring the fabulous Justin aka Hollywood.

I feel leavened with epiphany that will keep me focused and on the right path. The future is bright... grab the Blu-blockers. I need to remember to leave the trash at the curb. I seem to love sifting through it and remembering what I used to like about it before throwing it away. Ohh life... your lesson stick beats me so. xo.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Magic Time

This is just the new music I needed to quench the audio dry spell I've been in.

ALSO Snarky Puppy comes again. That's right. October 2nd @ Blue Nile. It's a blow up party which means bring your favorite inflatable object. Indeed. Love it. Man, I love music.

Okay, so aside from the music invading my soul, I am doing my FIRST stand up comedy act this Saturday. Be there. Call me for details. Tickets are $10 (I know, I know... lame... should be free). It shall be good times indeed kids, and ABC news channel 11 will be there to cover some of the routine. Rock.

I saw one of my dearest loves this fine week, Will D. He is the one who named me Jennfabulous all those crazy years ago in high school. Good times old friend.
My foot got smashed by a police gate, so I have not been able to work out. All this means is that when it heals, I am double timing it on the mill of the tread. Be prepared little belt... I am going to stomp your face off. True story.

And lastly, can I just say I love my roommates so so so much. xo.

Also, Andrew Bird is coming to town. Making the necessary preparations. I am so there. For those of you not as familiar. Check the genius from this live Bonnaroo performance:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Adambomb Amalgamation

Adambomb and Jennfabulous...

My brother Adam aka Adambomb has been making sweet, sugary beats since the days of dual tape-deck overdub. Oh that's right. We kids have played with music and weirdness since we were old enough to touch our parents' music equipment. I used to steal the camera and microphone and Adam would steal the guitars and time on the drums. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Anyway, not much has changed. Adam has been making music for my vids and music projects for a few years now. In addition he collaborates with a few hip-hop performers namely Plush Lush and FIfth Avenue in Sacramento (aka Rogue Scholars) as well as with various others including the Neighborhood Watch collective, Random Abiladeze, and more. He has made music commercially for different projects, and pretty much is a mega-prolific beat machine music master.

Here is my feeble homage to his contributions. In addition I am happy to present his latest remix of a song Snarky Puppy did. Good things, good times. Enjoy, and thanks for all the love and support from everyone.